New Orleans Adventures - Part 3

Here are the pictures from our last two days in New Orleans. We decided to check out the New Orleans Rum Distillery.

This is a holding tank for the molasses they use for fermenting the rum.

This picture shows the water line after Hurricane Katrina. This line is 8ft tall. They lost a bunch of there rum and it took them over a year to get back in production.

These show the different stages of distillation. Of Course the first bottle is straight molasses.

This is an old style distiller. The use this for testing new product mostly.

These are the distillers they use now.

They make this product called Gingeroo. It is an alcoholic ginger beer. We liked this one the best and bought 3 bottles of it.

They had this in the back just to show how the sugar used to be processed to make the molasses and caramel.

They had a graffiti artist paint this emblem of a the tops of the sugar cane.

I loved the colors of all the leaves on the ground.

This is their 20th Anniversary blend.

After we got back from the tour of the distillery. I wanted to find the LaLaurie Mansion. You can't go in and tour the building but it was neat to walk by it and take a picture.

As we were walking around all the residential buildings were beautiful.

Here was an impromptu parade that went by as we were looking at all the buildings and art galleries.

This was in one of the funky little art galleries. It was so life like and was made from silicone and human hair. His head was as big as I am.

This is the St. Louis Cathedral, it is a beautiful catholic church. It wasn't open so we couldn't go inside and check out all the stained glass work.

The next day was Christmas Eve and I wanted to hit up Cafe Du Monde one more time before we headed home.

We mostly just walked around and checked out some of the smaller shops and galleries. We ran into this dog just lying there. I was so impressed with how patient this dog was, he laid really still while everybody walked around him and took pictures.

We ended up back down by Bourbon Street and ate lunch at this little restaurant below a hotel called Desire. The food was really good there.

I was shocked to see a Peaches Records there. I haven't been to a Peaches since I was a teenager.

We headed home on Christmas Day and got home pretty late. Here is a picture of my stash of VooDoo dolls I purchased.

We had a really great time. There are a few things we didn't get to see but we enjoyed what we did see. If we ever end up back there I would like to tour some of the other cemeteries.