New Orleans Adventures - Part 2 - WW2 Museum

While we were hanging out at the hotel, I was looking up places that I thought the boyfriend would like to visit. I am more into the spooky and spiritual history of cities, he likes the spooky but leans more towards the military history. As I was doing my research I found the WW2 Museum. Tuesday was another rainy day so it was the perfect time to spend the day indoors. We walked over thinking it would take a couple hours to walk through. This place was huge and full of information, it took us most of the day to go through. After we bought our tickets we were given a plastic dog tag. They have you start off on what looks like a train to explain the dog tag. They pick a WW2 Vet for you so you can follow their story throughout the museum. They had these stations that you would wave your tag above and it would tell you a little history about your chosen vet. You can also collect items to look at later on their website. This was a super cool interactive addition to the museum. I don't have much to say about all the pictures because I do not remember what everything is called, but really liked seeing all the old vehicles.

We had a vet stop us before we headed to the next exhibit and he explained a couple of things to us. I found this part really neat the way they portrayed it. Each of the flags below has little soldiers lined up in them, each soldier represented 2,000 soldiers that fought in the war.

I took a picture of this bunk bed because it reminded me of the bunk beds we had growing up. If I remember correctly they actually had US Army imprinted on them.

This building had a bunch of the vehicles and planes used in the wars.

As we were walking around I got some pictures of the city skyline.

After the museum we ended up back at the outlets, then back to the room. For dinner that night we ended up a Bubba Gump's, it was pretty good. The server actually had a few trivia questions from the movie, which the boyfriend knew the answers to all but one.

I didn't want to make these blog posts to long so I have one more post to come. Hopefully I can get that one up tomorrow.