December Adventures

December usually goes by so quickly. We don't even celebrate the holidays and it still goes by super quick. 

The beginning of the month I entered my

Halloween Girls

in a small gallery called

Art Mundo

.  It was really exciting to see my work hung up next to other artists.

I took a class with

Chris Cozen

at this same gallery. This class was fun and I was able to learn to let go a little.

I took a couple weeks off from my clay class at

Peacock Clay Collaborative.

 I plan on starting back up this week. Here are some of the projects I finished and I am working on right now.

I finished the Moon Plaque and you can read more about that



I prepared a canvas and got the sketch down ready for paint.

I only completed 1 work doodle this month.

I didn't get any sun pictures this month, but I was able to get a couple interesting pictures.

We also took our Christmas vacation this year and went to New Orleans. You can read about them here,

Part 1


Part 2

, and

Part 3


That was it for December. I do plan on doing a look back at 2015 and a look forward into 2016, so look forward to that soon.