September Adventures

First I want to apologize for being so quiet on the blog this month. I took a couple new things on and got super busy, see below for more of an explanation.

The Halloween candy buying starts early in my house. I already filled this cauldron twice now. 

I found this little guy on my door step one morning as I was leaving for work. A few weeks later he must have worked his way up and was hanging out on the top of the screen door. As I opened the door to leave he fell and brushed my arm.

For the Blood Moon a friend and I went to a meditation circle to celebrate the Full Moon. They asked us to bring our crystals to add to the big crystal grid they made. I love these kind of meditations, the energy in the room is amazing!

Our computers are super slow at work, we are hoping to upgrade them soon. So while I wait on the computer I have had time to doodle. I have also used this time to do studies of the portrait drawings I am working on.

I was able to work on another one of my LifeBook 2014 lessons this month. Here is a sneak peak of that. I will be posting on that soon.

One of the extra projects I have taken on, is I joined a class on clay explorations at a new studio that opened up in the area. I have really been enjoying working with clay. You might see more of this in the future. I will do a full blog post on this guy once he his complete.

The other thing that took me some time to work on. My friends talked me into doing a painting class with them. Here is the sketch and painting that I came up with for the class. Again more on this to come.

I have so many ideas for projects in my head, it is just being able to come up with the time to work on them all. Also for October I signed up for the #CreativeSprint, they send you a creative prompt to follow everyday for the month of October. If you would like to follow along I am sharing the photos everyday on Instagram under @creativelytara.