Teaching My First Painting Party!

My friends have been bugging me to teach a painting class for them. I kept telling them to let me know when they wanted to do it. Then one day one of my friends called me up and asked if I would really do it. I said I would definitely try. I am one of those people that doesn't like being the center of attention and I am not a good public speaker. I usually get super nervous doing these types of things. 

We started off brainstorming an idea and wanted it to be somewhat Halloween themed. We finally came up with the idea of doing an owl. Here is the sketch I came up with:

Then I took that sketch and tried to figure out the easiest way possible to paint it. This was my sample painting for everybody to follow.

The day came for us to get together at my cousin's house and paint our owls. Here I am starting to teach everybody.

Everybody hard at work painting their own owls. We even had the kids in the background following along.

Here is everybody's finished pieces. I love how they all came out different and everybody put their own spin on it.

Everybody did great and had a blast!  I think I did ok teaching. It was definitely a great learning experience. They did ask to do it again at the end, so we will see what comes of it.