100 Portrait Drawings #1–6

I know I mentioned this project in my Monthly August Adventures. I thought I would elaborate a little on the project and give a little more information on my intentions. I was originally going to wait and start this with the new year, but it kept popping up in my head, so I thought I would just go ahead and start it.

My plan for this project is to complete 100 Portrait Drawings within a year. I am using different types of pencils including a little bit of a black and a white color pencil. I am also using a white gelly roll gel pen for the little pops of highlights. The paper I am using are 4x6 unruled index cards. I have wanted to improve my drawings of faces and thought that this was the best practice. I am already noticing a slight improvement on my drawings from 1 to 6. I am going to try and do a blog post about them once a month to show my progress. If you want to see them as they are finished come follow me on my Instagram you can find me there @creativelytara.

Portrait #1: is a self portrait from last years Halloween picture.

Portrait #2: Morticia Addams

Portrait #3: Wednesday Addams

Portrait #4: Lily Munster

Portrait #5: Elvira

Portrait #6: The Bride of Frankenstein

Keep on the look out for more. I think I am going to try a man and do Frankenstein himself next. We will see when I finish it.