May Adventures

Wow May had been super busy! Work has been crazy trying to get our newest books off to the printer. We still have quite a bit to get done to finish off the season. I didn't get any art done at all this month, although I did start a sketch for one of my LifeBook lessons.

There was an Air Show that was going on near where I work. The Blue Angels were flying over practicing for the show that was starting that weekend. I was able to get a few shots of them flying by.

I was super busy preparing for my trip to Tennessee at the beginning of the month. I just couldn't wait to get out of town for a little bit and see my sister and niece.

I took some pictures on my trip up there. Look for some blog posts coming up all about that trip.

I took this picture from my sister's back porch.

When I got back home I finally finished the Flat Sally project. You can read more about that here.

I had bought some Blackberry Wine while up in Nashville. The boyfriend and I decided to drink it one night. It was so sweet, but delicious.

A couple of years ago the boyfriend bought me a clipping of a yellow Frangipani. It looks like it is about to bloom. I can't wait to see it!

The other day coming home from work the sky looked amazing with all the clouds, and a storm coming through.

Look it's almost ready to bloom.

May was filled with so much going on it went by so quickly. I am hoping the summer will slow down a bit and I can get more art done. Keep on the look out for the posts about my trip to Tennessee.