Tennessee Trip - Part 1

Earlier this year I planned a trip to Tennessee to visit my sister and to see my niece graduate high school. My sister and I decided to take part of the week and turn it into our sister trip and planned to spend a few days in Nashville.

I left early Saturday morning on May 10th for the long 10 hour drive to where my sister lives. Here are some pictures driving through Georgia.

Last time I drove up there I ended up stopping in Valdosta, Georgia for some BBQ at the Smokn Pig. The food here was so good, I looked forward to stopping there again. I ended up buying some bbq sauce to take home with me.

I finally got to my sister's house about 7:30pm.

The next day was Mother's Day and my sister, niece, and myself drove to Chattanooga to go to the mall to do some shopping.

Monday morning my sister and I got up and and headed to Nashville to spend some sister time together. I love all the mountains. It is so flat here in Florida that it was a nice change of scenery. Although going up and down the mountains killed my ears because they kept popping.

I found this quite amusing that there was huge strawberries on the road.

Our first stop was the Belle Mead Plantation. The main reason we wanted to go here was to try the wine at the winery there. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous though.

This was the outside of the barn. Inside there were old horse drawn carriages.

This was the neatest flower. I thought it looked like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

This is a view of the other side of the barn.

Here is front view of the mansion.

The slaves and workers quarters.

There was a mausoleum onsite. It was beautiful from this distance. As we got closer and looked inside the gate, it was kind of creepy inside.

Some beautiful huge trees.

Last but not least the winery. Inside was just a gift shop and where they did the wine tasting. I have to say most of the wines tasted like what we have here at my local winery in Florida. Except for the Blackberry wine, it was delicious, but a bit to sweet. I ended up buying a bottle to bring home to the boyfriend.

This place was really beautiful and full of history.

From there we headed to downtown Nashville. We decided to get a bite to eat before we did anything. My sister had never eaten at Margaritaville, so we stopped there and got a burger.

We then headed to the Johnny Cash Museum. If you are a fan, this place was awesome, with all kinds of artifacts from his life.

This was a custom motorcycle built for the museum.

Johnny throughout the years.

All his singles in 45s.

The covers of all his records.

Gold and platinum albums.

This was a drawing he did. Where he rubbed the pencil to cover the page and then did the drawing with an eraser. I didn't realize he was also an artist.

I took more pictures but some didn't come out as well as these did.

After that we ended up just wandering around the downtown area.

The football stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. The boyfriend is unfortunately a Titans fan.

There was this neat walkway and we decided to walk it and get some pictures from it.

They call this the Batman building because it looks like Batman's cowl. I got several pictures of this for the boyfriend because he is a big fan of Batman.

The Country Music Walk of Fame.

There is this alley called Printer's Alley. It seemed like it was mostly showgirl shows and things like that down this alley. It was to early still for all that. Lol.

We found the pot of gold in Nashville. This seemed kind of random to us but awesome at the same time.

A beautiful statue. To tell you the truth I forgot what the significance of this statue was.

Well we ended up stopping at a place called Dick's Last Resort. I wasn't sure what this place was about but my sister said her friends said to check this place out if we got the chance. So we stopped for dinner. While we were being seated the table next to us left a tip and all the coin spelled out the words "Fuck you". My sister asked the hostess what that was about, and she said it was part of the experience. We looked at each other like what did we get ourselves into. Basically the waiters are kind of rude to you but in a fun sarcastic way. At one point I took my feet out of my flip flops and set them on top of my flip flops. The waiter yelled at me and said "Put your shoes back on hooker, who do you think you are Brittney Spears"! I couldn't stop laughing. We ended up getting drink's, mine was called Angry Balls, and it was Angry Orchard with Fireball Whiskey. My sister got a Pina Colada that was called "Blow your wad Pina Colada."

Then the waiter made us these lovely hats!!!

As we were leaving we asked the hostess to take our picture with Dick and they decided to take a selfie first.

Coyote Ugly was just next door so we had to stop in and have one drink to check it out. It was Monday night so there wasn't to many people in there. The girls got on the bar and danced a couple of times while we were there.

Here is the strip at night. As we were walking back to the hotel every bar had live country music blaring from inside.

We had such a great time but it was a lot of walking!

Look for Part 2 coming soon!