Flat Sally

Some of you might be asking what is a Flat Sally. It is based on the children's book Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley was flattened by a bulletin board that fell on him. After he was flattened he decided he would mail himself to his friends to see the world. They use this as a geography lesson in classes, basically you make your own Flat Stanley and send it off to a friend or family member. My little sister's class decided to do the project and she sent me a Flat Sally (named so because she is a girl). I was instructed to take pictures of the area I live in and send them back before June. I decided to make a book with a little story about Flat Sally's adventures with me.

This was such a neat project. Some of these picture are from my trip to Tennessee recently. I still plan on writing a post about that and explain the photos further.

If anybody has done a Flat Stanley/Flat Sally project let me know I would love to see your pictures.