November Adventures

Another month has gone by in a flash. I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The boyfriend made a small typical Thanksgiving meal and we relaxed at the house. I also used the time to work on my Halloween Girls! This is one of those years that the holidays are bothering me a little more than normal. I have always disliked the holidays because of how rude and materialistic they have become. They always seemed a little easier when I could spend time with my Mom. Since she ended up in a nursing home 4 years ago in a minimal condition, the holidays just seem so bleak to me. I end up feeling quite down and becoming more introverted. I have been pushing myself to keep up with my art, because it is the only thing I can do where I just focus on what is in front of me.

Here is the clay moon plaque after firing and adding some epoxy to it. I still need to sand down the epoxy and then paint it. 

These are my new clay projects that I am working on. I am thinking about making them witches but I might make one of the taller ones a demon of some sort. I still need to think about that. The smaller ones I want to look like little kokeshi dolls.

Here is some of the progress shots of my Halloween Girls. I have been calling them Halloween Demons but I decided I don't think they look that demonic, so I am just going to call them Halloween Girls. I have finished this piece finally and I am hoping to enter them in a gallery show tomorrow. If they are accepted they will be up for a month. I plan on discussing the process and more information on these next Tuesday.

I only completed one portrait for my 100 Faces that I want to complete. This one is Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. I kind of made a bit more realistic version of the cartoon character.

I was able to take quite a few sunset pictures this month.

Finally here are a couple work doodles. I really like the way the selkie came out. I think that might be my next painting.