Death Birdie Clay Sculpture

I have been wanting to take a class on clay sculpting for a few years now. A new clay studio

Peacock Clay Collaborative

opened up in town, and posted they were having classes for beginning clay sculpting. I decided to go ahead and take the class. I am having a blast and really enjoy working with clay. This Death Birdie is my first clay sculpture since I was in elementary school, and I made an ashtray for my Mom for Christmas. 

Not to bad for my first sculpture. Here are some progress photos to see how he was developed. On the first day of class we did a couple of pinch pots and then put them together to create a ball. This became the body of the bird. At this point it kind of looks like a fish to me.

Here we added the shape for the skull face.

Now I just added some details.

Then completed the final details and sculpting. This is before the first firing.

Here it is after the firing. We were so scared it was going to break.

Now time for painting the glazes.

The pink is the gloss glaze.

Here is the final after it was completed.

I have a couple other sculptures I am working on, so keep an eye out for that. Don't forget you can follow my work in progress on Instagram at