September Adventures

Oh my goodness! Where did September go? Another month that went by so fast, looking back it is a blur. I have been so busy planning for Halloween and a little party I am having soon. It seems like that is all that is going on in my head. I have a couple of craft projects in the works and don't want to share photos of those until the party is over. I also have a couple of Halloween themed crafts going on that I plan on sharing when I complete them. I tend to start getting excited for Halloween towards the end of August and it goes on until it is over, then I look forward to all the sales.

I started a Halloween Playlist last year on my YouTube channel and have been adding to it quite a bit this year. I am up to 138 songs on the list. If you get a chance check it out and let me know if I am missing anything. 

Come visit me on my Facebook page, I am sharing one song a day counting down to Halloween. Also I tend to share more work in progress pictures on Facebook as I am working on them.

I was able to finally finish another lesson in my LifeBook class. I am way behind with these lessons that I just decided I will finish them as I get a chance to.

I was trying to grow my hair out and grow out the bangs, but the more it grew out the more I hated it and thought it just looked drab. About a week ago I had my cousin cut it and this is the result. I feel like the bangs and choppy layers look best on me.

Remember that porcelain skull I purchased last month. Here is the first step in to what I have planned for it. I really like how it came out. I can't wait to finish it and show you what I have planned next for it.

It has been doing nothing but raining here in Florida. I haven't had a good day to go out and take some photos to complete my photography exercises. There also haven't been any really good sunsets this month. The other morning I noticed the sunrise was beautiful. Here is a picture of that:

I have some exciting things planned for October and can't wait to show everybody!