June Adventures

Another month has gone by and it was very unproductive in the art department. Before I went to Tennessee I had gotten some blood work done. The doctor's office called me and wanted to see me regarding my cholesterol levels. I went in towards the end of May and my numbers were very high. I had been eating bad and stopped going on my morning jogs, so this was to be expected. I got back on my medications and the boyfriend suggested we join Planet Fitness because it is only $10 a month, so that we both can get healthy. We started at the beginning of June and have been going 3 days a week for just about a month.  I have lost 3 pounds and I am starting to feel better. With this change of schedule I am trying to figure out how to add back in time for art. At first I was super tired but starting to feel like I am coming around with the new schedule. Look for some art coming up this July!

Another thing that I was using as an excuse is when I got back from my vacation. I piled a bunch of crap on top of my drafting table that I use for my art. This is such a horrible excuse, but I finally cleaned it up. This is what it looked like before I cleaned it.

I have some photos of the few flowers I have on my back porch. The frangipani finally bloomed and it is so pretty.

I found a recipe for a cold brewed iced coffee on pinterest from the blog tablefortwoblog. This comes out so delicious I have made this my go to way to make coffee. I love iced coffee compared to hot coffee!!!

Summertime here in Florida is our rainy season, so plenty of storms blow in. Here is a before the storm picture and the amazing sunset afterwards.

Most of the photos I share is from my Instagram account. If you would like to follow me find me at creativelytara.

I hope everybody had a wonderful June. I am looking forward to a more productive July.