February Adventures

February has been another busy month. Almost so busy I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Work has been crazy busy. We are also still working on fixing up the back porch. I plan to show that off when it is done. I am hoping for the end of March.

At the beginning of the month we took a trip up to Titusville and went to the Kennedy Space Center. We had a great time although it didn't seem as big as what I remembered when I was a kid. It was a rainy and chilly day.

This was the front entrance as we were getting our tickets.

They call this the Rocket Garden.

The place we had the most fun was the Atlantis Building. We went through a little movie explaining how the shuttle program was started. Then we moved into another room were they showed a launch.

We then walked into a room where the Atlantis Shuttle was hanging. It was awesome to see it. I really miss seeing the launches. They also had places in this building where you could see inside the shuttle cockpit. There were also some games to simulate working on the International Space Station.

They also had a replica of the Hubble Telescope and this suit hanging from the ceiling. There was also a Shuttle Launch Experience. This was pretty neat to kind of feel what the astronauts go through during a launch.

Overall we had a really nice day!

This little guy stuck his head out of the bushes as we walked by to go do some shopping!

Here are my sunsets for the month! The first one was a picture of a pretty bad storm that was getting ready to hit us.

Toward the end of the month there was a Rocket Launch. I tried to get a picture but they didn't come out really great. I need to invest in a tripod. Plus the launch was about 90 miles north of us.

I have fallen so behind on my LifeBook class. I was only able to finish one lesson for the month.

This is my week 5 lesson. An idea had popped in my head for this one so I took my time doing it.

I did start on the Week 6 lesson, but it turned into something I want to share for St. Patrick's Day so look forward to that.

Also I am going to fall even further behind in LifeBook because I am working on a birthday present for my cousin's daughter. She asked me to paint her a heart for her birthday in April, back before Christmas. It took me a bit to come up with an idea for it. She was looking through my sketchbook and saw something I had sketched for my Sun A Day project. She really liked it. I didn't want to do the same thing so I came up with a similar concept but changed up the design. Here is the sketch for that. Look for a post on the progress of the painting for this.

That is it for February. I look forward to next month because it is my birthday month.