November Adventures

Hello Fellow Art Enthusiasts!!!

I am going to just start off with the Biggest News First! I opened an Etsy Shop. I am so excited about being able to provide prints and original art online now. I don't have to much in there right now but I am hoping to get some more artwork in there after the first of the year. I am also thinking about putting some of my Sun a Day originals and maybe some prints in there for sale. Let me know what you would like to see in my shop.

To celebrate the shop opening I am going to be doing a Giveaway of a 8x10 Tink Print. I will be holding the Giveaway on my Facebook Page to start Monday December 2nd.

Well November wasn't all to exciting but there were a few highlights throughout the month.

A couple of weeks ago the boyfriend took me to this cute little quaint Italian Restaurant. We actually got all dressed up to go to dinner. It has been so long since we have done anything like that. The decor in the place made me think of what an italian grandmothers house would look like. The carpet had a filigree type pattern and there were lace curtains hanging in the windows. The food was delicious.

I got a bug to cut my hair and had quite a bit of it cut off.

I took this great shot of my dog looking very intent! He really doesn't like his photo taken. Every time I pull out the camera or my phone and start snapping pictures he usually will walk away from me. He is such a brat.

With the time change I get to see the sunset on my way home from work. I got a bunch of great shots to show you.

We went and saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire the weekend it came out. The movie was great and stayed pretty close to the book from what I remembered. I read the books back in March of 2012.

I just finished the book Ever After by Kim Harrison. I just love this series of books. You can't beat a bad ass witch, who pairs up with a vampire and a pixy to start their own bounty hunting business out of a church. There are all kinds of paranormal beings in the books. This series is such an easy read and keeps you on your toes.

A few things I am excited and looking forward to:

The movie Maleficent!!! I am not a huge Angelina Jolie fan but this movie looks amazing!

Something else I am looking forward to and plan on signing up for is LifeBook 2014! This year long art course looks like so much fun, and how great is it to learn from so many different artists.

Well I fell off the wagon with my running challenge and I haven't been able to motivate myself to get back out there and start again. I am hoping after the holidays to try and get back at it!