13 Drawings of Halloween #1

I decided to give myself a Halloween Drawing Challenge. An artist I follow on Instagram is doing 31 Monsters in October you can follow him here. When I saw this challenge I knew I needed to do some kind of challenge for myself. My favorite holiday is Halloween so what better time to do a challenge. We are already a week into October and I didn't think I had the time to do a daily challenge. I have been looking forward to ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween, and all the wonderfully cheesy Halloween movies. It clicked that I should do 13 Drawings of Halloween. Well they will be more sketches and if I decide after the challenge that I like any of them enough I will turn them into paintings.

Here is my first Halloween Drawing. I bought this cool pin with a skull and feathers while I was in Salem, MA. That pin is what inspired me to draw this drawing. I really want to make a Voodoo Doll now.

If anybody decides to join me in this challenge let me know!!! I love seeing what everybody comes up with.