September Adventures

Saying Goodbye to September!

I have decided to turn my Weekly Adventures to Monthly Adventures. I was having a hard time coming up with something to write about weekly, and realized my life isn't that exiting on a weekly bases. I thought it would be better to just share glimpses of the month, unless something really exciting happens, then I will do a post just on that.

The most exciting thing that happened in September was my Roadtrip with my Sister to New York and Salem, Massachusetts. I wrote separate posts about my trip in 5 parts. I wrote about our time in New York, Night 1 in Salem, Day 1 in Salem, Day 2 in Salem, and Heading Home. We had such a great time.

The rest of the month has been fairly quiet. I just thought I would share some photos I took throughout the month. If you follow me on Instagram most of these photos you have probably seen before. These are just some of the more interesting things from the month.

I feel like I am always taking photos of the Florida Sun. I decided to take this picture of some rain clouds on my way to work one morning.

The middle of the month was one of my cousin's kids birthday. He made these minions to go on top of his cake. He just turned 7, and some of his creativity just amazes me. My nickname for him is Wild Man. I will have to take pictures of some of his drawing to show everybody.

I still go visit my Mom in the nursing facility she is in every other weekend. I had stopped to get something at Walgreens on my way to see her and decided to pick up this cute little bat for her. I get my love of Halloween from her. I remember growing up, setting up our blankets on the floor, Mom would turn out all the lights and we would watch scary movies all night. Some of my favorite moments growing up.

I captured this rainbow on my way home from visiting with her.

September's Harvest Full Moon!

Doodles from work. Sometimes I am waiting on the computer and I doodle a bit. I will try to remember to share these more often. I usually just throw them away.

Lonely Rain Cloud under the Sun one day on my way home from work. Something I forgot to mention I drive just under an hour to and from work everyday. I also go over a couple of bridges so I do get to see some amazing scenery.

In other exciting news, I do not watch a whole lot of television but one of my all time favorite shows is back on, Sons of Anarchy. I just found out they are going to be ending the show after next season.

A couple of other shows I am looking forward to that start next month are of course The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: The Coven, and Witches of East End. I also watch Face Off when I can catch it, I love seeing all the creativity the people have on that show.

I am also looking forward to all the Halloween decorations at the stores. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.

I think I am going to end it here until next month...

Creatively Tara