Hi There Everybody!

I am starting on a new adventure. Last year I did a project called Sun A Day, where I created a Sun everyday for the whole year of 2011. While it was fun and I learned so much from that project, doing something everyday was exhausting. I thought about it and I still want to continue sharing my art. I was going to continue to use the Sun A Day blog, but I didn't feel like it would represent what I want to do for the future. So I started a new blog, where I feel I can share more than just Suns, and more than just art. On this blog, I am going to share my adventures in getting back into art and creating. My goal for this is to at least post something once a week, if not more. It might not always be a finished project but I want to share what I am working on. I feel like it will help keep me going and not procrastinate. I hope you enjoy following me on my Artistic Adventures.

Creatively Tara!