Hi my name is Tara Raymo! Throughout my school career I had always taken art classes. I was then introduced to the computer and learning page layout my junior year of high school. Once I learned the computer side of things I put the making art by hand to the side. I then let life take over and let go of doing any kind of art. I am now a Graphic Designer at a small children's nonfiction book publisher and I love what I do. My tasks include: Graphic Design, Art Direction, Children's Nonfiction Books, Board Books, Catalogs, Advertising, and Trade Show Booth Design.

I started feeling like I was struggling creatively and I needed to push myself. In 2010 I started taking some drawing classes. I came across the Skull A Day project and decided to start my own project called Sun A Day, where I created a Sun everyday for the whole year of 2011. While it was fun and I learned so much from that project, doing something everyday was exhausting. I thought about it and I still wanted to continue sharing my art. I started the blog CreativelyTara in 2012, where I share my adventures in getting back into art and creating. My goal for this is to at least post something once a week, if not more. It might not always be a finished project but I want to share what I am working on. I feel like it will help keep me going and not procrastinate. I hope you enjoy following me on my Artistic Adventures.