Ceramic Moon Plaque

So I really like the way this came out. This piece ended up being a tough one to finish. It broke before the first round of firing. We decided to go ahead and fire it broken and fixed it with epoxy after it was bisqued. Since we used an epoxy we couldn't put it back in the kiln for a glaze. I tried to get creative to still give it a bit of a glazed look and decided to try the Pebeo paints. I love the look of the blue veins. I used Pebeo Moon Paint in Silver and then used the Pebeo Prisme in Carribean blue.

Here are some progress pictures of my process:

This is the first build I did with the clay.

Here I cleaned up the eye and added the details of the craters.

Then as it was drying it cracked just below the mouth.

After firing my teacher glued it all together with some epoxy.

Then I sanded it down and got everything smoothed back out. I then painted over everything with white gesso.

I then painted very liberally with the Silver Pebeo Moon Paint. Then drizzled the Caribbean Blue Pebeo Prisme Paint over it. These paints are super cool to watch because they kind of move on their own. You want to use them in a well ventilated area because they are pretty smelly.

I am very happy with the way it turned out. It goes to show that you can always find a work around when things don't go the way you expected.