October Adventures

October is one of my favorite times of the year because of Halloween!!! I wish I could say because of Fall and the cooler temperatures but it is still hot here in Florida. This was a busy, creative month so there are a bunch of pictures. Let's start off with the sky photos I took this month.

I started the month off with my first painting class. You can read more about that here.

I decided to join the CreativeSprint challenge this month. Basically you sign up for an email of a daily creative prompt to challenge you. I started off with a bang and then about halfway through, I started feeling a bit frustrated by the prompts. I think most of the frustration was I had to many things going on, so I threw in the towel on Day 15. Here are the pictures of what I accomplished:

I am still taking my clay class every Thursday. Here are some progress pictures of my Crazy Dead Bird. I plan on doing a blog post on the complete process of building this sculpture. Which is my first sculpture ever.

This moon plaque is my second clay project. If you look at the last picture you will noticed that it broke. It took us a while to decide what to do to fix it. We decided to go ahead and fire it while it was broke and use an epoxy to glue it back together. I won't be able to use a firing glaze on it, but I think i have an idea for a finish on it. We will see how it comes out, if I don't like it I will rebuild it.

My sister made me this cute steampunk punkin:

Here is one of my work doodles. I did a couple more but they ended up being studies for projects to come, that I am not ready to share yet.

I only got a couple more of my portraits done. I am in the middle of working on another one now.

This is another project I started and I am loving the results so far. This is going to be a mixed media/found objects piece. Inspired by Finnabair's style.

Most of these photos I have shared on my Instagram @creativelytara. To see my progress photos and more follow me there.