LifeBook 2014 ~ Week 17 ~ Gratitude

This lesson was taught by Tascha Parkinson and the theme was Gratitude. In this lesson we were taught to draw a big headed girl. The boyfriend actually said she looks like a bobble-head. I approached this one a little differently than what was taught. She used acrylics for the background and then on a separate sheet of paper drew her girl and painted with watercolor. She then glued the girl onto her background. I had just purchased some gouache paint and decided to give it a go. I think I tried to use them to much like watercolor, but I don't think it came out to bad for my first time with the medium. The other thing we were supposed to do is write the things we are grateful for in the background. I was going to write them in the spiral on the background. I decided to not write on it right now for a couple of reasons. One I really do not like my handwriting. Two I was having a hard time even thinking about things that I am grateful for. All that kept coming to mind was my Mom and how it was hard to feel grateful, when she is just laying there in a nursing home. So I decide to leave that part out. I noticed that I tend to leave the writing part out of a lot of these journal pages.

I really think this came out super cute. Although I am noticing that I need to work on the mouths of my girls. The look crooked and I'm not sure I like the shape of them.