April Adventures

April was a pretty quiet month. 

Here are a couple of my Sun photo's I enjoy taking. The first one was a sun rise on a rainy morning.

There was a woman that was feeding the ducks at my Mom's nursing facility. I enjoyed seeing the little ducklings, they were so cute.

The area that I park at for work has a fence with Jasmine vines all over it. Smelling the Jasmine makes me think of my Mom, she loves that scent.

I took a picture of some doodles I did at work. Sometimes the computers are super slow and I tend to doodle while I am waiting.

I was able to finish one of my LifeBook Lessons; the Tree of Life.

I also started on the next one. I shared this picture on Instagram to show off the textures.

So I thought I would share my story of the significance of 11:11. I had never noticed this number before and it never seemed to have any significance to me. Going on 4 years ago my Mom ended up in a coma from a brain aneurysm that ruptured. When she was still in the coma, I would start seeing the 11:11 pop up all over the place. It seems to fade away and then start popping up again. A few months ago a meme popped up in my Facebook feed and what it said really resonated with me. "11:11 is the calling card for beings that are half angels and half humans." ~George Barnard.

The end of April is the boyfriend's birthday and I took him out to dinner and got him a watch. The weekend after his birthday we went to Universal Studios. I will share those photos in their own post, so look out for that.

I finished the 2nd Outlander Book: Dragonfly in Amber. The start of this book was a bit confusing but pushing through I started understanding what was going on. These books are really interesting and I am starting to become attached to the characters and wanting to know more. I plan to continue reading the rest of the series. Although I took a break from this series to read the last book of another series I have been reading. I am really sad to see this series end because it has been one of my favorites to read the past couple of years. It is the Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison, the last book is called A Witch With No Name. So far it has been nonstop action.

I hope everybody had a wonderful April and look forward to a great May!