February Adventures & St. Augustine Weekend Trip

This year is just flying by already! I realize I missed 2 weeks on the blog. The first week it was because I started a side project and hope to share more on that soon. The second week we had just got back from our second trip to St. Augustine and I was so exhausted.

To start off I did not get any pictures of sunsets or nature for this month (except for a couple during our trip see those below).

I finished a LifeBook 2014 lesson and was able to start on a second one.

Here is a quick sketch for the next LifeBook 2014 lesson:

I bought these little mystery packs for Lego Minifigures I just love the samurai:

I was trying to think if we did anything else interesting in February and I couldn't come up with anything. I think we were excited for our second trip to St. Augustine. We had a free 2 night stay in one of the Bluegreen resorts for becoming owners. We decided to go back to St. Augustine so that we could see a few things we missed out on. The first thing we did when we got there was go to those places. We ended up at the St. Augustine Distillery and the Whetstone Chocolate Factory.

These are barrels of their first batch of Bourbon Whiskey, which was explained as the first batch of whiskey distilled in Florida. These barrels won't be ready for bottling for a couple more years.

These are the stills that they use in their distilling process.

More barrels of Bourbon Whiskey. I was really hoping we would get to taste this but it's just not ready yet.

We made it to the tasting room and the first thing we got to try is the Vodka. They made what they call a Florida Mule. It was so good and refreshing.

Then he made a batch of Gin and Tonics. These were also very tasty.

As we were leaving I noticed this hawk just chillin on the fence.

We then headed over to the Whetstone Chocolate Factory. Yup that is me sporting a fancy hairnet.

This machine was so loud. It was where they pour the chocolate in the molds and it shakes all the bubbles out.

It was neat to watch this machine wrap the chocolates.

By the time we were done with everything we were starving. We were going to go back to the Distillery and eat but nothing on the menu looked appetizing. We ended up going to Mojo BBQ again. This place is just amazing. Look how big this sandwich is, it's the Mojo Club, with Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Bacon, and Pulled Pork.

The next morning we woke up as the sun was rising. There was a neat little fog over the little ponds.

We had our Owner Review next with Bluegreen. They really were just trying to up-sell us into a bigger package than what we originally purchased. We also found out that some of the things we were told when we originally purchased just were not true. So we will see how this goes. I guess we need to really learn their system.

After the review, we decided to go shopping at the outlets. I was a little disappointed with this, I thought outlet stores were supposed to have better pricing, everything was regularly priced. We then went back to the resort to rest for a bit. I was wanting to wait for the sun to set and go take some nature photography but it got really dark and cloudy so I missed that perfect light and didn't get out there to take the photos.

We ended up going back to the Sushi place we went to last time, and it was still amazing. I wish we had a sushi place closer that was this amazing.

When we woke up the next morning I was going try again to go take some photos around the resort but it was so densely foggy out. We packed up the car and headed to Orlando, because I wanted to go to IKEA to get another cart because they were on sale. I also ended up purchasing a couple of shelving units for my art supplies. The boyfriend just finished putting them together so I will have to show pictures in next month's adventures when I get everything organized.

I also finished the 1st book of the Outlander series. There was a lot I loved about this book and somethings that were hard to take. I loved all the Celtic Folklore that is told throughout the book. This book is based in the 1700s Scotland and there was a lot of barbaric things that happen throughout that we are just not used to dealing with in the here and now. It was definitely an interesting read and I plan to try and read the rest of the series.

Well that is about it for this month. I look forward to what next month brings, which is my birthday month!!!