November Adventures

As the end of the year and the holidays are upon us, the time just seems to fly by. November has came and went in a flash. I hadn't had a chance to complete any paintings, but I have been playing with my new camera trying to learn how to use it. I have been busy trying to come up with an idea for my holiday card. I am also working on another project but I don't want to talk about it until it is finished.

I was washing my car one morning and this little frog appeared on the windshield.

A friend had called me and asked if I wanted to go do one of those canvas painting events. The ones where you can bring wine and paint with friends. I took this picture while waiting in my car as the storm was heading in.

Here is my completed painting.

I started following Clickin Moms on Instagram and they post a list of photography prompts every Sunday. I tried to follow it for a little bit, but didn't get to far. I might try again in a couple of weeks or after the holidays. These are some of the photos I came up with.

This time of year I am able to get quite a few sunset photos.

I did a little photo shoot for my Happy Thanksgiving post and some of the pictures came out really great!

Instead of shopping on Black Friday I stayed home and finally stained the deck.

This past weekend I did a Christmas photoshoot for my cousin and her family. The boyfriend and I have decided to try and at least once a month explore the area we live in. This past weekend we went to the US Navy Seal Museum. I feel these events deserve their own posts, so look forward to those coming soon.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving!