Navy Seal Museum Adventures

A few months ago the boyfriend and I talked about trying to explore the area more. I have lived here since 2000 and really still do not know much about it. I am going to make it a point to try and go exploring at least once a month. This month we picked the Navy Seal Museum. I pass this museum on my way to work every day. Also it is right next to the beach we like to go to. After hearing in the news that they obtained a Black Hawk Helicopter we decided we wanted to go check it out. Here are some of the photos from that trip.

When you first go inside the building and go to the left there is a whole area of the history of the Navy Seals. There are lots of guns, uniforms, and old scuba gear. They were all behind glass and most of the photos had weird reflections in them.

I loved this little frogman statue!

This is a custom built motorcycle that was built by a SEAL Teammate as tribute to the SEALs who lost their lives as part of Operation REDWINGS in Afghanistan. This bike is beautifully built.

Here is the Black Hawk Helicopter that just arrived. This helicopter was involved in freeing hostages from Somali Pirates in 2012. This think is pretty massive.

Also on display is the lifeboat from the Maersk Alabama. This is the story that the movie Captain Phillips is based on. The movie was so intense, it was definitely eerie to see the actual lifeboat.

There were quite few different vehicles in this room.

Sometimes I really don't pay attention to what is right in front of me. I didn't notice the steel beam from The World Trade Center until I looked at the pictures. Reading up on the story, a small group of FDNY rode bicycles all the way from Ground Zero down to Florida to present this piece of the beam to the Navy Seal Museum.

Heading back outside of the museum, another new exhibit is the obstacle course.

This boat was huge. Inside it was showing a movie about the Navy SEALs. We didn't stay inside it to long because it was really hot in there.

The SEALs were also involved with helping astronauts out of the capsules, and then recovering the capsules themselves.

This is a Seawolf Helicopter that was used back in the Vietnam War.

Some of the WWII Era Beach Obstacles. There were more I just liked this picture best.

Here is the memorial dedicated to all the Navy SEALs and Frogmen who sacrificed for their country.

I have watched this museum grow in the past couple of years by passing by on my way to work in the mornings. It is a very interesting museum to check out, especially if you appreciate our military.