December Adventures

The beginning of December always starts off with my Murphy Dog's Birthday! He turned 9 this year and still runs around like a crazy little dog.

I took some photos with my phone this month and didn't get around to posting them all to Instagram. I thought I would share a few of those.

The boyfriend got me flowers!

He also brewed his first batch of home brew. It tasted great!

We try to do the St. Lucie County Toy Run every year. We missed the past couple of years but we were able to make it this year.

Starting off I got a picture with the Grinch!
This is the line up of some of the bikes. There were plenty still coming in!

This thing was so weird looking. It is called the Slingshot by Polaris.

St. Lucie's finest escorting the line!

Taking off!!!

The power plant from across the river.

There were bikes already on the bridge!

The power plant from the other side.

Final destination the Police Athletic League.

The start of the pile of toys coming in. I went back to see if I could get a picture of the pile after they were done but they had started piling them up in the truck.

I love doing these toy runs. Seeing all the people get together for the kids is such a wonderful feeling. As we were driving by the houses and condos along the river and beaches, everybody came out waving at us.

For my company Christmas luncheon, we went to this really great restaurant and sat under this huge chandelier all decorated for Christmas.

For the Christmas holiday the boyfriend and I went to St. Augustine. I took a bunch of photos and will be sharing those as soon as I can.

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday and look forward to a great new year!