Birthday and the Brevard Zoo

This past week was my birthday!

We didn't do to much on the day of my birthday. I had to work. After work my sister made it down from Tennessee for her son's engagement party this weekend. When I got home the table was full of presents from both the boyfriend and my sister. I opened my sisters first, she got me a cute solar light for my yard, some more ginger snaps jewelry for a necklace she got me before, some candy and a Sister Mug. I then open the boyfriend's gift, and he got me a Paper Shredder. It was pretty funny because I kept complaining I needed one but never got it for myself. So he decided to get it for me, but got one of the really nice ones that shreds not only paper but cds also. I was super excited about it, I think I have almost filled the container already.We then went to Hokkaido and sat at the hibachi grill. It was a nice dinner with the boyfriend, my sister and one of our friends. We decided to head to my aunt's house to hang out for a bit.

The next day was a Friday and I took the day off to spend with my sister. We went and did a bunch of shopping.

On Saturday the boyfriend took me to the Brevard Zoo. I have been really wanting to go check out this zoo for awhile now. It was a wonderful relaxing day.

Here are some photos from the day:

A Red Macaw sitting so pretty on his perch.

Meerkats! They just opened this exhibit at this zoo. They are so stinking cute.

This is a Dik-Dik, a small antelope. He was in the enclosure with the meerkats.

White Rhinoceros, most of the animals were just chillin most the day.

Baby Giraffe!

Momma with her baby walking around. They were pretty spooked because of all the wind and weather.

This bird was so pretty. He let me get pretty close to him.

Kangaroo just chillin.

Warty hog. I just loved his hair!

Cassowary. This bird looked so prehistoric to us. They say it is one of the most dangerous birds.

Feeding nectar to the Lorikeets.

Another Lorikeet.

Black Swans. They were so beautiful.

These are Siamang. They were just hanging around on their rope.

Bald Eagles are just so magnificent.


River Otter.

The River Otter kept going in the water and then would come up and stand up, then go back to the water.

American Alligator. These are common to see in lakes here in Florida.

This Jaguar was so beautiful and I loved that he did a little pose for me.

This Giant Anteater was walking around his enclosure. I loved his movement. He kind of stomped when he walked.

This is a King Vulture, the colors on his head was so brilliant.

Spider Monkeys!

We sat and watched the Spider Monkeys play for a bit. They were having so much fun.

This is a Coati. It kind looks like a raccoon.

A Capybara and her babies.

A Barn Owl

A Great Horned Owl

This is a Tapir.
We had such a great time! We were thinking about doing the zip lining but after walking around and watching other people do it, we realized that we were not dressed properly for it. Maybe we will go back soon and just do the zip lining.