LifeBook 2014 ~ Week 1 ~ Inner Artist Guardian Angel

The main lesson for Week 1 of my LifeBook Course is to create your Inner Artist Guardian Angel. We were led through a meditation to find our Inner Artist Guardian Angel, our word for the year, and a color to use in our painting. When the meditation first started, I pictured myself at the beach. I think this has something to do with just being in the Bahamas and how beautiful the water was.  Then she guided us to an inner sanctuary. I pictured a little yellow cottage. When I went in the cottage the first thing I saw was my Mom as a fairy. She has always supported me in my art and told me I was my own worst critic. She has always been my biggest fan when it came to my art. All though I used Tamara's way of drawing the face, she comes across a bit younger, but my Mom has always been young at heart. I am very proud of the way this turned out.

Just to give some background on my Mom. She had a ruptured brain aneurysm back in 2011. She is now living in a nursing facility and is in a minimal state. She has just started responding a bit recently. My Mom is the biggest influence on the way I live my life.

The word that came to me is Intuition. The biggest thing I want to learn from this LifeBook Course is to learn to paint more intuitively and to learn to let go with my painting. The color that came to me was purple.