Happy New Years 2014

First I thought I would start off with a Review of 2013 and then I will discuss my goals and plans for 2014...

Here are all the paintings I finished in 2013:

I had set a goal to read 30 books in the year but I fell short on that challenge and only read 16:

A couple other things I am proud of myself for accomplishing. The 13 Drawings I did for Halloween. I was able to do a little traveling this past year, with my trip to Salem with my Sister, and the Bahamas with the Boyfriend. I haven't done any kind of traveling like this in years and haven't been very many places in my life. Another thing that I am happy about and that has been working out great is the relationship I have with the Boyfriend, we got back together back in March.

Some things that didn't work out as planned. I wanted to run in a 5K Race and I fell short on the training. I let my procrastination and laziness take over. Also I wanted to try and blog more often in 2013 but I feel I let other things get in the way. I wanted to share more of my Graphic Design from work but didn't get a chance to do much of that either. There are things I wanted to get done around the house that I didn't get to. I am still dealing with my Mom being in a nursing facility, being in a minimal state (she doesn't talk at all or move very much). I go visit her every other saturday, because she is 2 hours away, and sometimes I feel guilty that I am not with her more. Well those are few things that didn't work out so well in the past year, and I am hoping to work on them in the New Year.

All together 2013 wasn't to bad!

My goals for the New Year 2014:

I started an online class call LifeBook 2014. It is a year long art journaling class focused on art through healing. I am really looking forward to starting this today!

I am going to try and finish some of the other paintings I have on my to do list along with doing LifeBook for the year.

I am going to set my reading goal at 30 books again and try my hardest to reach this goal this year. Which means no more mindless TV watching for me!

I want to pick up writing on the blog more often and sharing my Graphic Designs at least once a week.

I would like to start at least running 2 times a week to start out, working my way up to the full 5K (3 miles). I got to just about 2 miles when I gave up last time. I found out that Disney does a Halloween 5K run around the park, so my goal is to work up to run in that.

My niece is Graduating this year and I plan on traveling to see her graduate. Along with this my Sister and I are planning another sister trip. We are going to explore some things in her state of Tennessee that she hasn't had a chance to check out yet. I think we are planning on visiting Nashville mostly. We are still discussing this.

I want to plan another short trip with the Boyfriend this year.

The Boyfriend turns the big 40 this year. I am trying to figure out what to do to make it a big deal for him. He isn't the type to get overly excited about things but I want to make it big for him.

I want to go to the Zoo this year! I haven't been to a zoo since I was a kid and there is a Zoo about an hour away that I have been wanting to check out.

There are things I have been wanting to get done around my house. This year my goals with the house is to get the porch re-screened, and finally paint the walls inside.

My financial goals are to pay down some debt so that I can get my Master Bathroom redone in 2015. Also of course to save more money.

My career goals is to just keep pushing myself outside the box to be more creative at my job. I want to also get more items in my Etsy Store.

I bought a workbook planner for the year and plan to write all my goals in it. I plan to make myself a to do list every week and try my hardest to get those things done within the week.

I am sure there will be more, and things can change but those are my main goals for the year.

I hope everybody has a wonderful 2014!!!