Holiday Bahamas Vacation

I have never been a huge fan of the Holiday Season and all the commercialism that is included in it. This time of year has even been harder since dealing with my Mom in the situation she is in. So talking to the boyfriend we decided, instead of buying each other material gifts we would split the cost of a cruise and get away for the holidays. I did some research and we decided on the Bahamas Celebration Cruise since it is only a 2 day cruise (mainly because I get motion sickness and I wasn't sure how I would handle the seas). We took off Christmas Eve and returned the day after Christmas.

Once we boarded the ship we weren't able to go right to our rooms so we walked around and explored the ship.

We were able to go to our room around 2pm. The room wasn't spectacular but it was comfortable.

Our room was on the 8th deck. Here is a picture looking down where the elevators go up and down.

Then we went outside to wait for the boat to take off. This is a picture of the Port of Palm Beach while we were docked and waiting to take off.

By the time we took off we had to get to our room and change for dinner. We decided to eat at one of the restaurants you had to pay a little extra. The restaurant is called The Rock and they bring your food out raw on a 800 degree volcanic rock to cook at the table on. It was such a neat experience and the food was really great.

By the time we were done with dinner the boat was out on the open waters and the seas were rough. The boat was swaying so much you couldn't walk straight. We decided while we waited for the shows to start that we would go get our pictures taken, since we were all dressed up. I wish I could show them because they came out great (the boyfriend just doesn't like the idea of sharing on the internet, and I respect his wishes on that). After that we went to catch the shows. They had a woman sing, then a few people performing Cirque Du Soleil, then there was a comedian. All the performers were entertaining, I especially liked the Cirque performers. While watching the show the ship was really swaying and I started to feel a little queasy. After the show was over we decided to go lay down.

When we got up in the morning we were just pulling in to the Bahamas. We got ready and went down, ate some breakfast, then proceeded to head off the ship. We decided not to do any excursions and wanted to explore the island. We took a taxi down to the main shopping area and beaches. It was neat because they drive on the left side of the road. We walked around the market for a little bit but some of the stores didn't open until 10am.

We walked across the street to explore the beach a bit. The water was beautiful but cold.

After exploring the beach we walked back over to the shopping market.

There was this beautiful mosaic in the middle of the marketplace.

I found this beautiful sea blue gemstone necklace that I fell in love with, so the boyfriend bought it for me. I love natural gemstones. This stone is called Larimar and is only found in the Caribean (the Dominican Republic to be exact). It is such a gorgeous teal color.

Since it was Christmas there were a lot of shops that weren't open. We took a taxi back to where the boat was docked to check out that area.

We decided to stop in at Senor Frogs and get a drink and something to eat.

This was the only alcohol we had the whole trip.

After that we walked around the little shopping area near the boat. Then decided to board the boat and went to the room and laid down for a bit. We ended up falling asleep and didn't wake up until dark. We got ready and went outside to see how far we had got from departing from the Bahamas.

We decided to catch the early show and it was a different show. There was a comedian magician and he was a trip. After the show we went to the little Italian restaurant and ate pasta and pizza. We then walked around the ship. The seas were definitely calmer so we were able to walk around outside. We had some dessert and then went back to the room to go to bed. When we got to the room we found this little guy on the bed.

All together the trip was nice and relaxing. It was great to just get away for a little bit.