2013 Sister Roadtrip - First Night in Salem

We drove what was supposed to be almost 4 hours that turned into over 5 hours. We got stuck in Boston Rush Hour traffic, man I thought traffic down here was bad. The scenery driving through Connecticut was just beautiful.

We finally got to Salem and checked into the hotel. We stayed at a place called Salem Waterfront Hotel & Marina. This place was amazing, the staff was super friendly and helpful and the rooms were gorgeous. After we checked in we decided to go walk around near the hotel. It was kind of a bummer, I didn't realize all the shops closed at 5pm. Then we realize they don't open until 11am in the morning. We walked down by the marina and saw the Friendship of Salem ship.

We walked by the local liquor store and I found the name of the place amusing.

We started feeling hungry and ended up at a place called Capt's. It's a seafood place with a very nice atmosphere. I got the Lobster Pizza and my sister got the a Buffalo Chicken Dip. She also got a Bloody Mary and I got a Captain's Cider.

After dinner we walked around a bit more to check out the area some more. I loved how dog friendly this place is.

One of the storefronts had such a great setup I had to get a picture.

Came across this cop car and noticed the emblem had a witch on it.

We decided to call it a night and head back to the Hotel to get some rest. I really liked the imprint on the sewer cover.

I have a bunch more photos to show, so I think I will break up the Salem part of the Trip into each day we were there. So there should be 2 more posts to come...