2013 Sister Roadtrip - Day 1 in Salem

We got up the next day, hit the fitness center in the hotel and did my run for the day. After that was all done we got ready to hit the town. We stopped at this cute little coffee shop Jaho Coffee & Tea, and got some coffee and bagels.

After breakfast and some much needed caffeine we hit the street to try and meet up with the Trolley. We realized that the stores do not open until 11am at this point. One of the stores close to the hotel sold tickets for the the trolley but they were not open yet. We decided to walk to the downtown area and head for the Trolley Depot.

This is a picture of Pickering Wharf the marina right behind the hotel.

Heading toward the Trolley Depot we bumped into this guy!

We then passed the Old Burying Point Cemetery.

The top of this headstone would make an awesome tattoo!

Around the corner from the cemetery was the memorial site for the witches that were executed. This was a plaque that was in front of the memorial to explain the story and list of the victims.

The writing on the ground right before you enter are phrases some of the victims said before they were hung.

There were little benches that stuck out from the wall that had all the victims names engraved in them.

This guy was the only one pressed to death. They basically laid him on a board, put another board on top of him and then just kept putting rocks on top to make him confess. From the story told later at the Salem Witch Museum the guy kept telling them to put on more weight.

I am not really sure what this house represents but I liked it and it was right on the corner between the cemetery and the memorial.

There was a red line painted on the sidewalks to follow, that lead to all the places to visit.

In front of the Trolley Depot waiting on the Trolley!

Yay the Trolley is here!

Our plan was to take the trolley completely around once to hear the tour first. When we got on the trolley it was packed and ended up having to stand. Standing wasn't all that comfortable for a shorty like me. The bar to hold onto was above my head and I could barely reach it. We decided to get off at the House of Seven Gables and check that out.

We went in and signed up for the tour of the house. They would not let us take pictures of the inside of the house. The lady that was giving the tour talked pretty fast, so I don't remember a lot of what she said about the history of the house. Just that it was built and owned by many different upper class people of the time. They spent lots of money changing the design of the house several times. Also Nathaniel Hawthorne stayed in the house to write his story about the house.

The decor of the interior was very interesting. There was some wild color wallpapers and secret staircases. 

I just loved this creepy tree on the grounds!

My sister and I behind the house!

The Sun was so bright I had to take a picture. The temperature was a beautiful 80 degrees.

The beautiful view from the back of the grounds.

This was the house that Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in. The house was not originally on the grounds of the House of Seven Gables. They had it moved to the grounds by a big truck.

We walked across the street to the Ye Olde Pepper Companie candy store. We went to look at what they had and didn't want to buy anything at this moment so that the chocolate would not melt while we were walking around. This is such a great little place.

Went back to the Trolley stop to wait on the trolley and I saw these trees and loved the color of them.

We caught the trolley and was able to finally sit down. I ended up sitting on the inside seat so I didn't get very many photos. The tour guides on these trolleys are very interesting, telling the history of the areas as we pass them. This lighthouse is on Winter Island, which is a camping site and marina.

We also passed through a neighborhood of house that were absolutely amazing. I would love to live up there. We also passed this beach called Dead Horse Beach. The story behind this was pretty gross. The guide explained how when the tide goes out the water will go down 10 feet. Well on this beach after the tide went down they would bury their dead horses. The weirdest part is people were actually wading in the water. I don't know if I would be able to do that knowing the story of it.

We pretty much finished the tour and got back off the trolley in the main area and decided to do some shopping.

The statue of Samantha from Bewitched.

My sister and the lady at this store Crow Haven Corner talked me into buying this witch hat. It is absolutely gorgeous, and handmade by one of the local artists.

After buying the hat it was getting late and most of the shops were closing. We decided to head back to the hotel and unload our bags. We then decided to go get some dinner. We ended up at a place called Longboard Cafe. I got a Buffalo chicken flatbread, my sister got an italian sandwich with these pickled vegetables and pita chips. We also shared a bottle of wine. A great way to end the day. The guy that waited on us was super nice. We asked him what a good place to eat lunch the next day would be, either a place called Witch's Brew or In A Pig's Eye. He said he would be working at Witch's Brew for lunch time the next day. 

All the people we came across have just been super nice. Well with some wine in us and feeling good we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for the next day.

Day 2 in Salem to come...