Weekly Adventures

I just looked back to see when the last time I posted a Weekly Adventure and it has been almost a full month. We are still super behind at work and trying to get all the books laid out. Which reminds me I haven't posted any of my design work in awhile. I need to get on that soon.

So what has been going on in the past month. Earlier this month we had a Tropical Storm move through our area. That evening the sunset was amazing!

There were also a couple of rabbits hanging out in the front yard after the storm.

A week after that I woke up one morning and this was the sky in my backyard when the sun was rising.

That same day I received this awesome Skull Pendant that I ordered from Anatomical Element on Etsy. If you get a chance check out her shop, very beautifully made copper pendants.

I found out that one of those color 5k races, is coming to my area. I have been wanting to run in one of these, because they look like so much fun. I am using this as a motivation for me to start working on an exercise routine. I am a bit overweight and need to kick myself in the ass and get moving. I thought this was a great way to get myself motivated to get off my ass. The race isn't until December 14th! I downloaded an app for my phone called 5K Runner. I started this program on Sunday and boy am I sore. The name of the race is Color Vibe, my goal is to try to run the whole 5K.

Another thing I am looking forward to is, this week we have both the Fourth of July and Friday off of work. Better than that my sister will be here and has the whole weekend planned out already. So look for some exciting pictures next week.

TV: Under the Dome started last Monday, and I am just past the halfway point in the book. The show was great, although there are quite a bit of differences from the book already. Seeing the graphics of the Dome appearing was awesome. It is on again tonight but it comes on late so I will watch it tomorrow. 

Movies: A couple of weeks ago the Boyfriend and I went and saw Man of Steel. This has to be the best Superman movie yet. I have to say the only original Superman I ever really remember seeing is Superman 2 when Zod and his crew came back. It had been forever since I have seen any of these movies, so I don't remember a lot of the details. I think they did a better job explaining the back story of  how and why he became Superman.

Music: I am going to end this with one of my all time favorite artists, P!nk, who just released this video today. This is one of my favorite songs off this album. This song also reminds me of how I think about the Boyfriend.