Weekly Adventures April 8th – April 14th

This week wasn't to adventurous! Been very busy at work, we are right in the middle of designing all our books for the coming year. I really need to share more of my designs from work on here.

I went and visited my Mom this Saturday and took a picture of the sun behind some clouds as I was heading home.

TV: Still watching Bates Motel and I really like how crazy the whole family is. I was over the boyfriends house the past couple of fridays and he has got me into watching Shark Tank. I kind of like seeing how people present their ideas and products to these moguls for money to back them. Sometimes people are so stupid and shoot themselves in the foot. The moguls are pretty tough on a lot of the people.

Books: I am still reading Beautiful Chaos, getting real close to being finished with it. Since I am not done with that one I thought I would review a book I previously read. Maybe I should just review an author who has steadily become one of my favorites, Melissa Marr. I have to admit I started reading the Wicked Lovely book, one because I loved the cover, and two because it was about fairies. These fairies are a different kind of fairy than your typical Tinkerbell. They are dark, beautiful, and conniving. There are 5 books in the series, a definite must read if you like fairies. She also has a book called Graveminder, this book was a bit creepy, but a great story. The last book I read by her is called The Carnival of Souls. This book is about daimons (demons) and witches and how they cannot seem to exist together. The daimons have a class system and they have this fight to the death type competition. They are fighting for respect and honor. There is a lot more to the story than that but it was a great story and I am looking forward to the next book to come out. Also because of this story is why I fell in love with Five Finger Death Punch. Here is a trailer for the book:

Music: My music choice of this week is Otep's Apex Predator. I love how she is such a strong woman and not afraid to speak her mind.

Food: I have been wanting to make these Donut Muffins I found on Pinterest. They tasted really good, I can't say they tasted that much like a donut but somewhat similar. The only thing is they were kind of thick and you needed something to drink with them. We think they were missing something, maybe blueberries? You can find the recipe here.

I also took this picture of these Ibis' on the wire in front of my house. Aren't they to big to be up there!

Well that was all the excitement for this past week. I am looking forward to this weekend. I signed up for a Watercolor Weekend Workshop so I am excited to see how I do in the class. I will be sharing photos. 

Until Next time!