Weekly Adventures April 22nd - April 29th

What a crazy week! I feel like I have been just going non-stop for a couple of weeks now.

This past Thursday I was supposed to go get my hair colored, but my cousin was busy and couldn't fit me in, hopefully I will be able to get in this Thursday. Well it worked out in the long run because the boyfriend broke down on the motorcycle and I had to go save him. We tried everything from jumping it, to going and getting gas to top it off and it still wouldn't start. The nice guys at the little car dealership let us push it inside the garage, and come get it later.

The boyfriend's birthday was yesterday and I had a hard time deciding what to get him. I did end up ordering pizza from Gino's East in Chicago for his birthday. We had been talking about wanting to order these for awhile because there isn't a pizzeria down here that does Chicago style pizza.

Another thing we had talked about wanting to do is go to a wine tasting. I got online and searched for Winery's in Florida and found we have one in the next city over. We decided to go check it out on Sunday. All their wines are made from Florida Grapes and most of them are sweeter than wines I have tasted before. I actually liked most of them except for one, which was the dessert wine. After we did the wine tasting, they had an event going on at the Pavilion they have outside. They had music, food, and Wine Slushies. We did each try a Wine Slushy, and then tried a couple different glasses of wine. We did decide that it would have been cheaper if we just bought a bottle and drank that, but it was nice trying the different wines they had. It was a very beautiful place and we had a nice relaxing time.

Books: I am reading Beautiful Redemption and making better progress with this last book than the book before. The storyline is more interesting and seems like they are going to tidy things up.

Also I am on Goodreads if anybody wants to follow what I am reading. I would love to follow other people and see what you guys are reading also.

TV: We have been watching Chopped All Stars on Food Network the past couple of weeks. This season they have celebrities competing. It's neat to see what they come up with, with the crazy baskets of ingredients.

Movie: Gangster Squad came out on DVD this past week. I ended up buying it because I had seen it in the theaters already. We watched it Friday Night. It's a pretty gritty movie with a lot of shooting and killings. It's about a group of cops that go against the grain to take out a mob boss. There were quite a few well known actors in this movie, but one I wasn't expecting to be in it is Giovanni Ribisi. I just love him he is such a great actor.

Food: Friday night we made these Fish Tacos that are one of our favorite meals, that I don't make that often. Basically all it is, I either get Tilapia or Mahi Fish depending what is on sale and pan cook it with some blackening season on it. Then I make coleslaw, and we wrap them in either flour taco shells or burrito wraps. It a very yummy simple meal.

Music: With it being the boyfriends birthday I thought I would play a song that reminds me of our relationship. While we were separated for 6 months this song made me thing about him. I am glad we are back together and learning to be with each other again. Pink is also one of my favorite female singers.