Hatsume and Birthday Week!

I had a very busy week, and didn't get around to painting at all. March always tends to be a very busy month for me. At the beginning of the Month the Ex contacted me and we went out to dinner, and that went well so we are working on things but taking it slow. Then St. Patrick's Day is always filled with shennanigans.
Rocking the Green Converse on St. Patrick's Day!
On Sunday, March 24th, We went to the Hatsume Festival at the Morikami Japanese Museum and Gardens. I just love this place, this is the 3rd time we have gone here. This is their Spring Festival. 

Morikami Lake
I didn't get to many photos, because I have been here before and wanted to experience the Festival. We walked around an checked out the vendors. Then we made it up to the Main Museum. They had some beautiful Japanese artwork displayed. I love seeing the watercolor on silk paintings, I love how some of the work is really simplistic and then some is really intricate. When you walk out the back of the Museum you see this beautiful lake. After that we made our way to the Old Building that was the original Museum.
Zen Garden
They have this intricate Zen Rock Garden in the middle courtyard of the building. We walked around this building and it shows what a Japanese subway looks like, a classroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. After we walked around this building we went and sat and waited for the Tea Ceremony Demonstration to begin.
Tea Ceremony Demostration
I wasn't able to get very many pictures of this because they asked everybody to stop taking pictures and experience the ceremony. Watching this shows how formal and how the Japanese have wonderful manners. When this was over we walked around for a little bit and went and sat to wait on my favorite part of the whole day, the Taiko Drummers.

Of Course I had to get a picture of the Sun while we waited!
Fushu Daiko - Taiko Drummers
Fushu Daiko - Taiko Drummers
I think they said this is a Japanese Harp, very beautiful sound!
The energy these guys give is incredible!
We waited to see the drummers to last because they are our favorite. Before we headed out the gates the boyfriend bought me a Yellow Frangipani stick, hopefully I don't kill it.

Yesterday March 27th was my birthday, and I had such a wonderful day. One of the girls at work made Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes for my birthday. They were the best cupcakes I have ever had. The chocolate cake had Guinness in it, then it had a layer of Jameson chocolate ganache, topped with Bailey's buttercream frosting. All I can say is YUM!
Irish Car Bomb Cupcake!
After work the boyfriend came over and gave me a beautiful necklace and took me out to dinner at Carrabba's.
Beautiful Necklace for my Birthday!
I had received a package from my sister for my Birthday, and she sent me a digital picture frame, and a hobby lobby gift card. So excited to go shopping with that. I woke up that morning to my brother and nephew leaving cards on the table for me. Everybody really went out of their way to make my day feel special. I Love my Family and Friends!