My Sketchbook #13

I am still working through the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book. Here are more of the exercises from the book. I really had to force myself to do these. I still feel a little off, but I figured if I made myself do them my interest will come back.

Exercise #5: This was about practicing different stroke techniques.

Exercise #6: This exercise was about practicing symmetry and working through the confusion of shifting from the left to the right. I always have a problem with symmetry so I should have practiced this one some more.

Exercise #7: This one was a little confusing for me. The idea was to draw the image upside down so that you couldn't understand the parts of the image. The book suggests that most people can't make out images upside down or reading handwriting upside down. My problem with this is I can make out the images and I can read upside down. So I really tried to not pay attention to what the parts of the image was and focus on the lines of the drawing themselves.