December Adventures

December was very productive with my clay projects. I started taking wheel throwing classes. Here are some of the my first pieces throwing on the wheels. This first piece is from my 1st class.

In the second class we practiced more on centering the clay and then pulling a straight cylinder. This one flares out a bit but not bad for my second piece.

In the next class I learned how to throw bowls and I was able to finish 2 of them. I kept one a little more shallow than the other.

In the last class we were supposed to learn about glazing but I already have some experience and I am experimenting with my own glazes. So we decided to keep throwing. I gave mugs a try. The first one is a really small mug. The second one is a bit more like a coffee mug but it could be a bit taller.

The next day at the studio I gave pulling handles a try. They came out a bit wonky but not bad for my first time. I need to practice this a bit more.

Here are some of my other ceramic pieces that finished getting bisque fired. The next couple pictures are progress pictures from glazing the pieces. These pieces have already gone through the glaze firing and I am in the process now of taking final photos for them.

The Budweiser Clydesdales did a small parade in downtown Ft. Pierce right in front of the clay studio. They are such magnificent creatures.

It had been a while since we had gotten dressed up and gone anywhere. We were getting ready to head down to Miami to see the Cirque Du Soleil's Kurious show. I had actually did my hair and put on a little bit of makeup, so I had to take a selfie.

The show was actually held in a circus type tent. It was really neat the way it was set up.

This was inside the entrance tent where they sold the concessions and souvenirs.

And a picture of the stage at the beginning.

The show was amazing with all the steampunk theme and acrobatics. The really neat concept of everything occurring within the minute of 11:11 was really interesting. 

After the show the boyfriend made reservations at a restaurant that was at a resort. Outside the building there was a small pond with these huge Koi fish in it.

All together we had a great December and New Years. I had been doing a New Years post where I look back on the past year and then go over my plans and goals for the next year. I am going to skip that this year.  If you would like to see my work in progress pictures or just some creative randomness you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.