August Adventures

I know this post is a little late. August proved to be quite productive, especially with my ceramic sculptures. I have been pretty busy this month with the graphic design business also. 

I have started assisting in the Clay Studio on Friday so I am able to work a little more on my ceramic projects. The first photos I am showing are the ceramic sculptures I have worked on this month. First is these little Witch Hat Incense Burners. I realized after building them that the incense cones just fit in them. So next time I need to build them a little taller. These also still need to be glazed.

Below is a picture of my little totem from last month. This is after the bisque firing.

Next are a few pictures of it after I painted it. We ended up using an acrylic paint called Patio Paint, that is specific for painting ceramics. I really like the way it turned out, although it took me forever to paint it and decide on how I wanted to paint it.

I just love the way this little Big Mouthed Monster came out!! 

I loved the Monster so much, I decided to try and make a Big Mouthed Witch. Here is the start of her with the start of her hair. 

I found this Crystal Pepsi at Publix. I haven't had one of these since I was a teenager. After drinking it I don't think it really tastes like Pepsi at all.

The boyfriend and I went out to dinner out near the Ft. Pierce Jetty. After dinner we walked along the jetty and I took this picture as the sun was setting.

I had backed the LightSail Kickstarter awhile ago. I finally received my certificate of the centimeter of sail that I purchased. If you look there is a small square on there which is the a centimeter of an actual piece of the material used for the sail. I am so excited to have been able to give a little to continue the exploration of space.

I completed the ArtSnacks Challenge for August. You can read more about that here. I am going to discontinue this subscription after the September box. I have also purchased the Studio Inktober Edition Box and I will be showing a review of that also, but that will be the last one.

I don't think I wrote about finishing the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book in last month's adventures. I really enjoyed the story and following further into Harry's life with his children and career.

I discovered a new little cartoon this past month. I don't watch many everyday cartoons, but this one kept coming up in my news feeds on my social media platforms. This cartoon is Steven Universe! As it came up I noticed it was about different Crystal Gems, and that kind of sparked my interest. One of my favorite things to collect are crystal gemstones. I got on our Hulu account and noticed that the older seasons were there. So I watched it and fell in love with it. It is such a cute cartoon and shows the love and the dynamics of different types of relationships. I actually cried a few times while watching it.

I think that is about it for this month. If you would like to see my work in progress pictures or just some creative randomness you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.