January Adventures

I almost forgot to post my January Adventures. This month has been a bit of a whirlwind. It started off normal with trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. Then a couple weeks in I was laid off at my job. I decided it was time to become self-employed and I have been working furiously to get my name out there and get some freelance graphic design work in. I am staying positive and really want to make this work. This has been my goal all along but I was hoping to have at least a couple more years of steady income to save a bit more. Please wish me luck!

On with the January Adventures...

I only took one picture of the sky this month. It has been raining quite a bit this winter. I love the clouds in this picture.

Here is a work doodle. I was excited that I was able to draw a somewhat angry looking eye.

The boyfriend had been sick at the beginning of the month, and was super grumpy. He bought me flowers for putting up with his grumpy butt. He doesn't buy flowers often so it always means a lot to me when he does.

My brother had purchased this Crystal Head Skull Vodka for me a few years back. Dad came down for the winter and finally brought it to me. I have always wanted one of these bottles.

Early last year the boyfriend and I backed the Light Sail Project on Kickstarter. I just love Bill Nye and I am super interested in space exploration. This is a cubesat satellite that they created this solar sail to give it power to keep moving through space. We finally received some of our rewards for backing the project. The boyfriend got a shirt, and we both each got a patch, sticker, and pin. I am also waiting on my certificate of ownership of one square centimeter of the light sail.

Here are my two ceramic witches I had built finally with some glaze on them. They had one more round in the kiln from this point. I have received them after this firing. Look for a blog post on these soon.

This is the tall ceramic witch after the first firing. I have glazed it but didn't take a picture because it looked a bit funky. I am hoping it will look the way I am hoping after the firing.

The following are a few more work in progress ceramic pieces I am working on. I am not sure how long they will take to finish. I had to take a month off of the clay studio to cut back costs until I get some work coming in. The witches below are a bit smaller than the ones above. I have made a template and I am able to make them a bit faster.

That is it for January. I am hoping to complete more artwork and have more content to share with you. If you would like to see my work in progress pictures you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.