Fall Adventures

I feel so bad for leaving the blog so dormant for the past 3 months. I got really busy with projects for my business that there wasn't time for much other than getting them completed. This is my first year starting a freelance business and I am still learning how to handle everything. Please bare with me while I figure all this out. Handling how busy I had become has been tough but it has been a blessing and I hope the projects keep coming.

I do still work at the clay studio on Fridays, so I have been able to complete some of my clay projects. Here are some pictures of projects that were in the works during the fall. I do plan to take pictures of the final pieces and write a blog post showing the process of each piece. This is another adventure that I have been doing for just over a year and I enjoy tremendously. 

This first picture is my Big Mouthed Witch. I had just finished building the sculpture and it was ready to go in the kiln for a bisque firing.

This is my Big Mouth Monster. I had just finished applying the glaze. I used underglazes on this and it needed to go back through another firing to set the glazes.

This is a finished picture of the Witch Hat Incense Burners.

This one is my Big Mouth Jack 0'Lantern after completing the building of the sculpture.

Here is the Big Mouth Witch after applying the glaze. I also used underglazes on this one and it was ready to go for a second firing.

I put these up in the studio for sale, but I did not sell them. I do plan on getting my Etsy shop back up soon.

Here is another pumpkin I started using the Brown Specklestone Clay.

I had started an online art course called Ever After and that also got put on the back burner. I am hoping to pick back up on this after the holidays! This one is of Snow White and I finally had transferred the sketch to the paper I am going to paint on.

The beginning of October we had to prepare for a Hurricane!

Here is an after the Hurricane photo and as you can see there wasn't any damage. We got lucky and the hurricane shifted a little to the east putting it a little more off the coast. I will tell you it was still a bit scary. This is the first hurricane I experienced living in this house.

A friend of mine had a pumpkin carving party. Here is what I had come up with.

And here it is lit up. I see that I could have gone a bit deeper in some spots.

We went on Vacation in November to Missouri and I plan on sharing the photos from that next week. I plan on getting back to trying to post something once a week again. If you would like to see my work in progress pictures or just some creative randomness you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.