Weekly Adventures on the Internet

I thought it would be fun to start a new adventure with you. I am going to pick 5 creative, funny, and inspiring links that I found interesting on my adventures while on the internet. I am going to share these with you every Friday. I hope you are able to find inspiration in them like I have.

1. Have you ever been curious how the creative brain works. I found this article fascinating.

2. I recently started following this artist, Sarah Trumpp. I find her and her art delightful and wacky and just love her bit of madness. She shared a wonderful idea for a photo backdrop this week.

3. We don't get snow in Florida but I found this article hilarious. 

4. I love these candles they are so beautiful.

5. One of the things I completely geek out over is all things Harry Potter. Check out these Tervis cups. I want one sooooo bad!